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When in doubt – Call it out!

Our goal is to make our community members vigilant by learning all the ways criminals are attempting to steal money. Here's several resources, videos and an awe-shocking documentary on the people who are trying to trick us into relinquishing our hard earned incomes.

An important notice from Richwood Bank…or is it?

A customer recently received an 'Important Message' claiming to be from Richwood Bank. Click to learn about the red flags that help you avoid falling for phishing scams like this one.

Learn to spot counterfeit money

The U.S. Currency Education Program has lots of helpful resources to help consumers and business owners identify counterfeit money.

Scam Texts…Don’t Click

Fake text message alerts with a link tied to common names like Amazon, WalMart and your Bank are causing more than $57 billion in stealing innocent people's money. Here's examples of what they look like.

Avoiding and Reporting Financial Scams

Tips, steps and resources for you to report fraud

The Documentary Behind Phone Scams

National Geographic deep dives into who is really calling you, and why.

Protect our Elders

Seniors are targeted and hardest hit with criminals. Learn more about their schemes to prevent them.

Banks Never Ask That!

Criminals pretend to be your bank to gain knowledge of your accounts. Here's a list of things we won't ask you.

Amazon Scam Alert

Richwood Bank Customers have been getting more and more of these - be vigilant, here's how

Free Secure Identity

Sign Up Now

Richwood Bank Provides Every Primary Checking Owner Extended Identity Protection, Free. We want to protect you.

Pass it on. Consumer Advice.

Chances are someone you know has been scammed. Be in the know and share what you know. Here are ways you can help stop scammers.

Mortgage Scam Alert

Thanks to some vigilant customers, we’ve discovered these postcards are being mailed out. These are not us and simply aren’t true.

Please Don’t Click on it…

Phishing or fake links to gain access to all of your computer information. Please read these tips to pause, challenge it and resist the click.

The Growing Statistics of Cyber Crime

Curious about the reported fraud in the US? Here's information about the impact.

You’re Kidding Me!

They tried to do what???

Our fraud team successfully tracks and flags thousands of foreign attempts on debit card fraud every month. We are going to start sharing our stories, trends and uncovered schemes to communicate how to avoid them. Would you like to sign up for updates on recent fraud techniques?

Provide your name and email below and we will add you to our contact list. Let’s Get Fraud Out of Our Home!!

Thank you and please call us with any questions. 1-888-943-2317