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Whether you’re a new startup or a larger commercial business, you can earn interest on your balance. Like a boss!

Enterprise Checking

Maybe you’ve just launched your business, or you’ve proven your business is a staple in the community – no matter where you are at in your business ownership journey – you’re probably feeling like you are the boss. It takes a lot of planning, creativity, organization and determination to run a business. You’ve ventured out there. Now, gain interest on your profits with Enterprise Checking – like a boss!

Basic Checking

We know not all businesses fit in a box. Many business models can’t earn interest, nonprofits aren’t able to earn rewards, or you just need another place to keep lower amounts of funds. With our Basic Checking account, when you give, we give. As a dedicated nonprofit entity, we salute you. You’ll always have a free checking option to keep your hard raised funds directed towards your cause. 

Introducing the

Green Zone

Starting up a business and Richwood partnership can take time. So take time. We offer the first six months free. Ask us about this six-month grace period to avoid fees as you build your balance as a new startup or "new to Richwood" company.

Switch Kit

When you’re ready to

choose Richwood Bank

We will contact, manage, and monitor the entire process from start to finish. Our switch team experts educate you on the process, keep you up to date with the progress, and monitor the account transfers to ensure every transaction is completely switched.

Switch Without a Glitch

Savings Accounts for Every Goal

Even business can benefit from putting funds back into a savings account for unexpected expenses. Learn the benefits of a Richwood savings account!


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We offer an entire suite of solutions to make your business run faster, more accurate, and seamless in the eyes of your customer.