Personalize Your Debit Card

Choose a favorite photo and make it your own unique debit card design. We recommend family, friends, pets and memorable pictures make the best talking points when you’re in the checkout lane. Logos, copyrighted images and downloaded content aren’t accepted per VISA regulation guidelines.

Every card design submitted needs one business day to approve the image for printing.

If you are a business owner and the debit card is tied to your commercial account, the company logo as a card design is permitted according to VISA regulations. We think that’s a fun way to market your business when using your card.

Once you’ve decided what picture you want to choose, follow the walkthrough instructions within the design card station. Once you position and edit your image, you’ll enter your general contact information and which branch you’d like to come in and finalize activation, which is required to do in person. We want to verify it’s you and have you privately set your PIN.

Once your card has been approved, you’ll receive a notification to the email address you entered for contact. This is your alert to let you know the image is in cue at the branch you chose, ready to print when you arrive and we can assist you. If you set an appointment to open a new account versus replacing an existing card image, we will have it ready at that time.

There is a $5 service fee for the printing of personalized debit cards. Payment or transfer of the fee is due when the card is activated in person. Your card is activated when you arrive to pick it up at the branch you indicate as your preferred location.