Pay Your Loan

Do you only have a loan with Richwood Bank?

We’ve upgraded our online banking experience! Loan customers have new options to complete their payments.
  • Option #1 – Set up an automatic payment directly on your loan. Our loan servicing team can assist you with creating an auto-payment that pulls from your other bank. This is our preferred method for mortgage loans as it will automatically adjust if your escrow changes based on updates to your insurance or taxes.
  • Option #2 -Set up an online banking account to utilize our external transfer function. Our Contact Center can help enroll you in online banking and you can establish an automatic transfer from your other bank to your Richwood loan. This option will allow you to see your loan information and payment history.
  • Option #3 -Set up a bill payment using your bank’s online banking services. Call or chat if you need your loan account information.
  • Option #4 -Last but not least, you could open a checking or savings account with Richwood. This would allow you to transfer funds from your account to your loan easily! We have an online appointment tool that can get the process started while setting an appointment at the branch location of your choice to open your new Richwood account.

Are you a Richwood Bank customer?

If you want to make a loan payment from a Richwood Bank Checking or Savings account, click the “Pay from Richwood Account” button. This button will direct you back to the Richwood Bank homepage so that you can log in to your online banking account. Once you are within your online banking profile, click on the “Transfer” tab, and you will select the Checking or Savings that you would like to debit for your loan payment under the ‘From Account” dropdown. Select your loan account within the “To Account” dropdown, input the amount, and click submit. You also have the option to input a description as a future reminder of what this transfer pertains to.