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Driven to Helping You Achieve Your Adventures

Adventure (noun):

An exciting or very unusual experience.

What’s your definition of adventure? An exciting experience can translate infinitely by each one of us and there’s no wrong answer. So dream big! But most of all, dream. While some hear the word and immediately assume skydiving or setting sail across vast open waters, many adventures happen every day – right here in central Ohio.

Maybe you’ve decided to have a baby. Or three. Maybe they’re all grown and you’re taking the grandchildren to Disney. So many adventures in each and every day. The best ones seem to unfold when plans don’t get in the way. Marriage. Square footage shortages. Needing bigger mortgages. New jobs. Or a Promotion. All-inclusives near the ocean. College. Back to school. Getting that swimming pool. Retiring sooner. Retiring later. Investing in stocks, whichever is greater. Starting your new business? Thinking about it? Weighing it out before you commit?

Adventures await. They are out there – no matter how far or how close – make your own rules. Make your own destiny. Let us help you get there faster.

Our philosophy:

On Adventure

First, everyone has to have one, no matter how simplistic or complex. You define your dreams. Second, money is usually tied to them, unfortunately. But that’s ok. If this is how it is, we are honored and obliged to have the opportunity to get you there faster. What is Richwood Bank’s adventure? We want to help every customer achieve their adventures faster and more affordably. We want to offer the best banking products while expanding on our supporting services to build your account balances. At the end of the day, we want to help you identify your adventure and draw out how you can get there the fastest way. We’ll build a network within our communities of business owners and residents and support each other. We’ll expand our knowledge while building curriculums that help all of our customers. We want to be the trusted financial partner for all our customers in Central Ohio.

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Local Boards We Serve On

Chad Hoffman

  • Union Co. Port Authority (Chair)
  • Memorial Hospital
  • CBAO (Past Chair)
  • Impact 60 Board

Brian Gehres

  • Chamber Legislative Committee

Jenny Wolf

  • Elgin Athletic Boosters VP
  • La Rue Preschool Board

Mark Wirtz

  • Steering Committee City of Marysville

Barb Scheiderer

  • Marysville Track & Booster Assoc. Treasurer

Heather Wirtz

  • Delaware and Union Co. Habitat for Humanity

Cody Johnston

  • Richwood Independent Fair Board

Tai Wills

  • Richwood Area Business Association
  • Benefit in the Barn
  • Union County Chamber Ag Committee
  • Annual Celebration Committee

Emily Davis

  • DD Committee
  • North Union Library
  • Red Cross
  • Civic Center
  • Union Co. United Way (Vice Chair – Campaign)

Blair Beeney

  • Civic Center

Kevin Ackerman

  • Richwood Church of Christ

Dina Saulters

  • Marysville YMCA

Mariann Wright

  • MVA Church of Christ Mission Committee

Erika Vance

  • North Union PTO Treasurer

Beth Seiter

  • Neighbor to Neighbor of Union County

Amber Smith 

  • Marysville Movies in the Park Committee

Christina Stenger

  • Kiwanis Village in LaRue

Jamie Kibler

  • NUAC Committee
  • Chapel Hill House

Kent Kramer

  • The Commodity Grain Commission
  • Consolidated Electric Cooperative
  • Delaware Economic Development Committee
  • Delaware Co Extension Advisory Committee
  • Buckeye Valley FFA Advisory Committee

Tiffany Wood

  • Union County Health Board
  • OLOL Finance and Building Committee

Nicole Martin 

  • Triad Jr Basketball

Kyle Feucht

  • Delaware Co. Farm Bureau
  • Community Lenders of Central Ohio

Kara McElroy

  • North Union Softball

Ashley Bugg

  • North Union Jr. Football Board Treasurer

Pam Reynolds

  • Friends of the Marysville Public Library, Board Member

Doug Wilson

  • Delaware Creative Housing
  • Creative Living Systems
  • The Arts Castle
  • Friends of the Library
  • Olentangy High School Softball Boosters
  • OYAA Advisory

Tim Coan

  • Union County Humane Society
  • CBAO Education and Training Committee

Ash Khatib

  • Union County Drug Free Coalition

Bethany Harman

  • Logan County Collaborative Committee

Alexis Johnston

• Benjamin Logan FFA Advisory Committee

Kandi Krebehenne

• Richwood Fair Horse Arena Expansion Project (Treasurer)

Tiffany Davis 

  • United Way of Union County

Amy Hunter

  • Women Active for Christ Group

Anna Denega

  • Plain City Business Association (P.C.B.A.)