Lately, the topic of fraud has been turning up like a bad penny, and we understand—it’s not what we’d prefer to spend our time talking about either. However, our commitment to protecting our customers and communities is too important to stay quiet. That’s why we’ve hatched a plan that puts the power of action firmly in your hands.

Introducing—a new tool in the fight against fraud. This email address is your direct line to us, designed specifically for you to report any communications that seem suspicious.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why ‘sketchy’?” When something doesn’t sit well with us, a few words often come to mind: dubious, questionable, or shady. But ‘sketchy’ encapsulates that feeling perfectly. It’s that gut instinct, that moment where your inner alarm system kicks in, signaling a potential threat.

If you receive a text that feels fishy, an email that doesn’t sit right, or a phone call from someone claiming to be us but setting off alarm bells in your mind—send it to Attach screenshots of texts, and emails, or send a message detailing the encounter.

Once we receive these reports, our crack team of IT experts gets to work. Their mission? Shutting down these scammers faster than you can say “fraud alert.” Next, our Compliance squad steps in to analyze these reports, searching for patterns and trends so we can keep our community informed. Expect us to spread the word via social media, newsletters, and additional blog posts. Because knowledge is power, and we want to arm you with the information needed to spot these tricks from a mile away.

Now for some important details:

  • Don’t include any sensitive information in your email to us. This is a best practice in general as emails are not typically encrypted, which leaves them vulnerable to hackers.
  • Be sure your screenshot includes the heading of the message you received. This allows our teams to do their detective work and work to shut these scammers down.
  • If you did provide information to the fraudsters, you should come into the branch immediately to begin recovery procedures. We’ll get accounts and cards closed out to prevent financial loss and discuss any next steps.
  • Don’t respond to the suspected criminals. Don’t reply to emails or texts, don’t click on any links or attachments and if they call on the phone, hang up immediately. The less you engage with them, the smaller the chance that they gain access to your information. isn’t just an email address; it’s your opportunity to be an active force in our efforts to slam the door on fraudsters’ faces!

As our partner in this mission against fraud, we ask you to spread the word like wildfire! Share with your friends, family, neighbors, and even that chatty stranger at the grocery store.

Let’s join forces and show these criminals that our community won’t be an easy target!