Richwood Bank’s primary business is community banking, but we support varied divisions within our company that advance our larger goal of helping communities thrive. We employ experts from a wide variety of fields including management, operations, marketing, lending, education, payroll, human resources, retail, baristas, merchant services, IT, security and more.

Despite the varied offerings of Richwood, the unifying tie that permeates all we do is customer service. We work to provide our personal and business customers with access to anything they need to receive a world-class banking experience.

Richwood Bank is seeking to perfect community banking. Our goal is to inspire, protect, and celebrate anything that helps communities thrive. Not only do we operate nine community banks, but we also offer Richwood Coffee in five of our locations. 100% of all Richwood Coffee donations received go directly to our community beneficiaries to assist their initiatives to strengthen the counties in which they serve.

Richwood Bank also provides various valued service lines to our customers. We streamline the process for personal customers and community businesses by offering Richwood Payroll, Richwood Marketing, Merchant Services, Richwood U, and Richwood Financial.

How else does Richwood Bank stand out from other banking institutions?


  • Richwood Bank assisted more than 720 central Ohio small businesses for a collective $58 million in PPP funding, allowing more than 7,450 employees to receive paychecks through the 8 weeks of stimulus support through the CARES Act.

Richwood Coffee

  • Supporting our local communities is central to our identity. The Coffee Shop beneficiary program has allowed us to further invest in our partners. Our baristas provide café-quality drinks, and all the proceeds help to keep our communities strong. Richwood Coffee has expanded from our original Richwood branch into our Delaware, Marysville, Springfield & Bellefontaine locations!

Community Events

  • We provide outreach to our communities and support to our local businesses through community events, sponsorships, hosted speaker series, volunteering, and other community service. If there is an event in one of the communities we serve, you’ll likely see a green shirt there to help serve!

Are you interested in working for a company that goes above and beyond to care for their employees and communities? Join Richwood Bank and embrace these qualities alongside our team of experts. Apply today at