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This Year, Give Yourself the Bank Advantages You Deserve.

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What is your bank wish list?

Coffee Shops  

  • Richwood Coffee connects community and purpose. Supporting our local communities is central to our identity. The Coffee Shop beneficiary program has allowed us to further invest in our partners. Our baristas provide café-quality drinks, and all the proceeds help to keep our communities strong. Richwood Coffee has expanded from our original Richwood branch into our Delaware, Marysville, Springfield & Bellefontaine locations!

Account Sweeps 

  • An account sweep protects you and your funds if one of your accounts happen to go negative. Funds will sweep from a separate checking or savings that has the funds to cover the negative balance. And BONUS, the account sweep feature is now FREE!

Trusted Friendly Advisors 

  • Richwood Bank is staffed and run by financial experts. Richwood Bank’s leaders possess both the skill and knowledge gained from education and experience to know what it takes to make the right decisions for the company; from the people we employ to the products we offer our customers. Our unique and innovative approaches to community banking have allowed us to stay relevant and stand out. From checking accounts and coffee to loans and marketing, Richwood Bank and our employees continue to be change agents.

Reinvests in Community 

  • Richwood Bank is, first and foremost, community. For over 150 years, Richwood Bank has been dedicated to service and our communities. Our goal is to inspire, protect and celebrate anything that helps communities thrive. We strive to build up our communities and provide the financial services, products, and knowledge that allow our families, friends, and neighbors to live fulfilled lives.

Safe & Secure Track Record 

  • When in doubt – Call it out! Our goal is to make our community members vigilant by learning all the ways that criminals are attempting to steal money. We provide several resources, videos, and an awe-shocking documentary at on the criminals who are trying to trick us into relinquishing our hard-earned incomes.

Fraud Prevention 

  • Our fraud team successfully tracks and flags thousands of foreign attempts on debit card fraud every month. We also share stories, trends, and uncovered schemes to communicate how to avoid them. In addition to these, we offer comprehensive ID theft monitoring and recovery services. For primary account holders at no cost.

Credit Monitoring 

  • Credit Sense provides you the opportunity to view your credit score through online banking. This is a soft hit on the credit so you will not be “dinged” once you view it. You can pull your credit score once a day. This tool also gives great feedback on how to help you increase your scores and educational reads on different credit related topics as well.

ATM Reimbursements  

  • Once you’ve reached the monthly account qualifiers, you’ll see your ATM fee refunds (up to $25 total each month) happen by the next business processing day. These qualifiers consist of receiving e-statements, acquiring at least one direct deposit or automatic payment, and completing a certain number of debit card purchases.

Business Solutions   

  • Our affordable Business Operations Services save you time and money. Want more time with your employees and customers? How about less stress and headaches from paperwork? Richwood Bank gives you all this and more, at a cost you can afford.

Richwood Bank also provides various valued service lines to our customers. We streamline the process for personal customers and community businesses by offering Richwood Payroll, Richwood Marketing, Merchant Services, Richwood University, and Richwood Financial.

Networking Events 

  • We provide outreach to our communities and support to our local businesses through community events, sponsorships, hosted speaker series, volunteering, and other community service. If there is an event in one of the communities we serve, you’ll likely see a green shirt there to help serve!

In-house Support Team 

  • If you have some moving or shaking to do, our team at the other end of the phone is equipped to make it happen. They’ve all worked in the branches first, after all.  They’re your virtual branch of experts. Would you like to speak with a person who lives in your community? It’s added security for us all to know one another. They can solve your situation directly or transfer you to the employee you’re searching for.


Richwood Bank has it all. We put the success of our customers first. We offer a wide variety of services and products that help improve efficiency, protection, and convenience for all consumers in all stages of life. Richwood Bank is focused on making sure our customers succeed in their financial goals. Whether you’re a business, individual, or nonprofit, we understand that your financial goals are unique and important. Our products and our people are here for one purpose; to help you achieve your dreams. Contact us today to give yourself the bank advantages you deserve in 2023.