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Cyber Security at Work

By November 4, 2022No Comments

Though threats to cybersecurity may regularly make the news, we know how to help guard against them. But we can’t do it without your help!

That’s why we’re concluding Cybersecurity Awareness Month by sharing tips to stay cyber secure, both at work and at home. To turn away cyber-attacks, a little knowledge teamed with critical thinking skills can go a long way!

First up we have a mini game called Danger Zone.  Can You Keep the Hacker from Breaching the Network?

A hacker has made it inside your office and has spotted an unlocked workstation. Can you use enough cybersecurity knowledge to stop the hacker before they compromise the network? In this browser-based mini-game, answer security awareness training-related questions correctly, and you will move closer to the workstation. Answer incorrectly, and the hacker will move closer. Stop the hacker, get to that workstation, and save the organization. Game on!

Check out the Danger Zone mini game created by KnowBe4 here:

P.S. Need some hints to help thwart the hacker? Check out this infographic:


Richwood Bank IT Chief Information Security Officer/SVP