We are proud to share that our team of Agricultural Lenders was recognized by the Independent Community Bankers of America for their performance in 2022. ICBA recently published their list of top-ranked ag lenders which included 20 banks in three different asset ranges. Richwood Bank was ranked #16 among banks over $1 billion in assets and was the only Ohio bank to make the list. ICBA took into account a variety of factors including loan growth and quality.

Our ag lenders understand the unique challenges faced by farmers in today’s ever-changing economic landscape. They have weathered numerous economic storms alongside our customers, offering guidance and support during difficult times. Through these partnerships built on trust and mutual respect, they have helped countless farmers overcome obstacles and achieve long-term success. But it’s not just about financial expertise; it’s about building lasting relationships with our customers. Our lenders take the time to get to know each farmer personally – understanding their goals, aspirations, and dreams for their operations. This deep level of understanding allows them to provide customized solutions that meet individual needs.

As we celebrate our nationally recognized ag lenders, we also recognize the entire team behind the scenes – from loan processors to underwriters – who work diligently every day to provide exceptional customer service through each stage of the loan process. The entire Richwood team is committed to inspire, protect, and celebrate anything that makes communities thrive. We’re grateful to have earned the trust of our local farmers and other business owners who allow us to be a part of their success.

We believe that agriculture is not just a business; it’s a way of life – one that requires trust between lender and borrower for true success. Our nationally recognized ag lenders embody this trust through their outstanding service, expertise, dedication, and genuine care for each farmer they serve.