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Stupid Rules That Make Good People Quit

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Morale-Killing Rules

Some rules are necessary. But strict rules can stifle your best employees – your “A players.” Those great employees are often the first to go because they have options, and they’ll look for a better environment to work in.

Travis Bradberry’s article titled, “10 Stupid Rules That Make Good People Quit” depicts how foolish and lazy attempts at creating order by placing nitpicky rules can be morale-killers for your employees. You can read more about each of these rules here.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the worst rules companies create:

  1. The six-month rule
  2. Requirements for attendance, leave and time-off
  3. Shutting down self-expression
  4. Restricting internet use
  5. Forced rankings of performance
  6. Banning cell phones
  7. Stealing employee’s frequent flyer miles
  8. Restrictive email policies
  9. Limiting bathroom breaks
  10. Attempts at political correctness

Think Differently About Making Rules in the Workplace

It’s tough to find, let alone hold onto, good employees. Keep them by creating a workplace that’s enjoyable and productive. When you are hiring employees, be sure they are a good fit. You should be able to trust that they have your business’s best interest in mind. If you hire professionals they will act professionally. There are times that even a professional can cross the line, but having strong management skills will allow you to address the issue one-on-one. Handled correctly, that one employee is unlikely to repeat the undesired behavior, and the rest of your employees are not negatively affected.

By Jenny Wolf, Chief of Staff
Top 10 stupid rules adapted from “10 Stupid Rules That Make Good People Quit,” by Travis Bradberry on