New card? No problem! We’ve taken the sting out of swapping out new card information on the recurring payments with Card Swap. This online portal makes it a snap to update all the payments associated with your card in one place, at one time.

Online portal

Open Card Swap from the Services menu of your online banking

Add providers

Select any of the merchants that you pay with recurring debit card payments to link them to your card

Update as needed

As your card information changes, you can update all the linked vendors to your new card at the same time

Take the sting out of the swap

Whether you’ve lost your card, had to close it due to fraud, or if you’re switching bank accounts – Card Swap makes it quick and easy to update everything.

Connected to the most popular services

Card Swap is connected to tons of popular streaming and shopping services. Whether you use your card to pay Amazon, Netflix, ITunes, Uber, or dozens of others.

Set up alerts

Once you’ve linked your card to your services, you can set up notifications. Card Swap can send you a notification via text or email on the status of your swaps and give you a heads up when a card is nearing its expiration date.

Have your logins ready

You will need to have things like the usernames, passwords, and phone numbers associated with your subscription when you begin the linking process.

Questions about using Card Swap?

Our team is here to help!