Maurice Clarett

Entrepreneur & Former OSU Buckeye

Richwood Bank is honored to partner with Maurice Clarett, who shares our passion for community and strives to provide outreach and support to help communities thrive.

Clarett is currently partnered with Ohio Foot & Ankle Specialists, one of the largest networks of podiatry practices in the state. With over 30 podiatry offices spanning from Cleveland to Columbus, Ohio Foot & Ankle Specialists provide the best podiatry treatments and services to children and adults throughout the state of Ohio.

Maurice is also involved in The Red Zone, which is dedicated to helping adults and adolescents discover their strengths and abilities to assist them in reaching their full potential. The Red Zone mission is to empower Central and Northeast Ohio communities by providing comprehensive and innovative Mental Health Counseling, Case Management, and Substance Abuse Services.

"Richwood Bank functions big but hasn't lost the small business touch."

"Richwood has changed my life. I'm a fan."

"I don't think Richwood realizes how different it is that they keep the personal touch."

"You have someone inside the institution who's trying to help you succeed."