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Let’s Party Like We’re on Vacation!

By June 28, 2016No Comments

Vacation all I ever wanted…Vacation had to get away! Have you been dreaming about the sun and sand, a trip out west to see the Grand Canyon, the strip in Las Vegas….or maybe a stay-cation? Everyone has their own mental picture of paradise but do you feel the hustle and bustle routine of work and responsibilities leave you hesitant of any true vacation in sight?

Whatever your idea of a “vacation” is, at the end of the day we all really need to do the same thing…unplug. The debate of “to unplug…or not to unplug?” is the real question.

Try taking these steps to really kick back, relax and disconnect.

1.Create an escape plan.

Prior to “unplugging”, determine who will cover for you while you are gone and determine what can’t be missed. Do you have any pending work or projects? Pets or plants? Mail held back?


2. Over Communicate.

Tell everyone you know – your boss, co-workers, clients, random guy at the coffee shop that you will be out of the office and on vacation well ahead of time. This way everyone is on the same page before you step away and not planning you into more commitments during that time.


3. Automate the OOOs (Out of Office).

Be sure and set your email response to “away” and any other devices. Yes, even your smartphone. You are on vacation time and refueling. Be sure to leave alternate solution of information such as who else can be reached in your absence and when you’ll be returning.


Have fun with it! We all love unexpected surprises and won’t miss you as much that way. You can find many sites for clever inspiration. Here’s one of our favorites:













4. Reach out to Richwood Bank.

First, be sure to cash in your Richwood Bank vacation club check. Don’t have a vacation club? Start one for next year by visiting any one of our local branches, click here for details. It’s an easy way to earn more towards your trip.


And do not forgot to call us and let us know if you will be using your debit card on your trip. This will ensure your vacation spending can continue as usual and our red flag monitoring system will know you really are you, and not fraudulent.


(You did not think I would write a blog post and not plug the Bank somewhere, did you?)



5. Relax

Prop those feet up and enjoy the company of those around you, or maybe just the silence. It’s good for your health.



Take care,