Many things matter to us. We're sure they matter to you, too. That's why we're here.

There’s three things we want our Delaware neighbors to know:

  1. Why Commit to your Community
  2. How Change Works
  3. Convenience and Confidence Matters
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Community First

From the booming mainstreet shops (that we can’t quit visiting!) to the arts and theaters and new friends we’ve made – thank you Delaware for making us feel at home.

The heart of Richwood Bank is community. Through and through. We live where we work and we work where we live. Our goal is to give back and always leave things better than we found them.

This is true for what we do for our customers, too.

Sure we’re a bank. We’ve been a bank for 150 years. We’ve survived civil wars and great depressions and local disparities.  To say we know how to thrive in any economy would be fairly accurate.

Checking, savings, loans and investments are like riding a bike which is why we believe we have the most competitive and rewarding products in our town today. But that’s not all.

We’ve structured our banking to reward you for as long as you’re with us. There’s no new customer payout or flashy interest rate that expires after six months. We offer checking and savings accounts that not only don’t have any fees, but they also offer rewards when you qualify…..always.

Before we jump into the rest of the reasons why we put community needs in the forefront of our advanced offerings, let’s get to the switch.


Without a Glitch.

We realize changing financial institutions is one of the top five life changes that are painful and even tolerated to avoid doing. We’ve even poked fun at it because breaking up is so hard to do.

What if we moved your accounts for you? What if you came in, learned about everything we do that’s different and let us handle the paperwork, phone calls, bill entry and everything that it takes to move your financial system to us?
We call it switch without a glitch. There’s no charge and we are so convinced you’ll be glad you did – we will switch you back if you don’t.

Yes. We mean it.

Convenience & Confidence

Truly. These two feelings don’t always fit in the same sentence. They do at Richwood. We are constantly implementing technology, new services and community outreach with the vision to make your life more convenient.

Save you money, save you time and build a long term partnership.

Confidence is earned over time. We’re patient.

Many times, our customer friends think there’s gotta be some fine print. How can we really be so transparent and helpful? We know that when we do right by you, stay true to our values and work to make our communities stronger, better from every aspect – we will all grow. And we do.

Still not convinced? Okay. Here’s another convenience. We print your debit cards right here. On location. You can put your own custom image on them.

The day you give us the go ahead to switch for you, we will give you a card. If you lose it, need a replacement – don’t wait. We can get you a new one.

We have a full library of options and do have a fee associated with customer photo cards (design time, file transfer, etc.) But we waive that and offer the card with your family or pets or vacation spot as a thank you for letting us begin the process of earning your confidence that we are the best choice.

Wherever you want to go or be. We’ll help you get there faster.

Choose your adventure. Choose Richwood.

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1512 W William St
Delaware, OH 43015

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(740) 943-2317

Meet Our Team

Doug Wilson

Delaware Region Manager

Mike Waddell

Sr. Commercial Lender

Kent Kramer

Vice President, Lending

Bill Evans

Loan Officer

Brandi Swanson

Loan Agent

Amy Pinnick

Retail Director

Ellen Grunow

Branch Manager

Anna Welch

Loan Agent

Bailey Bahan

Loan Agent

Anna Denega

Relationship Development Manager

Lisa Artrip

Assistant Branch Manager