Meet Our Leadership Team

Richwood Bank’s fearless team of strategic leaders.

Chad Hoffman


Avid reader, LEGO enthusiast, certified scuba diver, and our daring leader. Chad Hoffman isn’t your typical President and CEO. He thinks differently - people, family and community are always on the forefront and he leads our organization as such. Understanding the importance of being good to people and providing value to communities, Chad has guided the Richwood brand into a unique business model which uses innovative thinking to provide great experiences and help the people in our communities to dream big and see those dreams realized.

Brian Gehres

Chief Operating Officer


Jenny Wolf

Chief of Staff

Jenny embodies our “Choose Your Adventure” motto. She values supporting and communicating, teaching, breaking down barriers and keeping the boat that is Richwood Bank going in the right direction to help keep the bank in alignment with our strategies. Outside of work, she likes to spend time at the park and camping with her kids and grandkids, and at work, she loves the adventure and challenge of taking ideas and figuring out how to make them happen. She enjoys working for an organization that gives back and genuinely cares about your family, as much as their own. We think this value is a “diamond” in the rough - pun intended.

Jamie Kibler

Chief Compliance Officer

Jamie makes compliance fun. Yes, we said “compliance and fun” in the same sentence. She loves to dress up, Halloween-style, she has big dreams of being slimed on Nickelodeon, and she’s determined to have her Kenny Chesney cutout in her office someday. While Jamie brings fun to the team, she also brings a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to learn new things. She is dedicated to ensuring our customers are secure and knowledgeable and keeps their best interest in mind with every business decision made.

Ash Khatib

Chief Financial Officer

Ash is a numbers guy. Which is great news for us, since he’s our CFO. Ash’s love for numbers grew through his love of sports. Growing up he loved keeping track of stats and wins and losses. There’s a big correlation between positive stats and winning, much like a business. In Ash’s role, he balances risk and return and communicates it to our leadership team, preserves the assets of the organization by minimizing risk and getting the numbers right, and allows us to run a stable finance operation that is efficient and effective. Beyond the numbers, Ash loves the personal relationships he has developed and seeing strategy come together to positively impact the community.

Heather Wirtz

Chief Branding Officer

Heather is truly a Master of Marketing, a Bellwether of Branding. She’s been in the marketing world since about Pre-K when she would use crayons to create ads using rhyming words. Although her first official position in the marketing world was a radio station internship at 19, she attributes her ability to design effective marketing content to her four-plus years’ experience as state juvenile facility service worker in Iowa. Heather uses this cross-business experience, years with private marketing firms, and her natural creative abilities to communicate our brand and provide outstanding experiences for our customers and our employees.

Tim Coan

Chief Culture Officer

Tim’s priorities are making sure we always have our people at the front of every equation we calculate. Great company culture is more than just casual seating and snacks in the break room (although, we do have a pinball machine and coffee shop). Great company culture stems from supporting, developing, and celebrating your people. Tim strives to understand our people and connect to the “why” to help Richwood move forward.
Fun Fact: Tim is self-proclaimed to be the most accurate man on this side of the Mississippi with a potato cannon.