Breaking up with someone – even your bank – can be hard to do. Whether you’ve simply become too comfortable, or worse, numb to the level of service you’re used to – we want to help you evaluate if you’re ready to switch for the better. We are.

Have you ever felt this way?

We want you to believe we’re worth it. We think you are.

You feel


There’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t matter. Do you feel like you could walk away from the relationship, move everything out, and they wouldn’t even realize you’re gone? Have you ever been greeted with a nice smile yet feel like you’re just one more transaction?

Our main goal is not just to know your name. It’s to know you. Have a genuine conversation. Check in on your latest life milestones and make sure, most importantly, that we are giving you the attention you deserve.

You’re doing

all the work

A healthy relationship is a balanced one. A two-way street. Do you ever feel like you have to find all the necessary information or that you’re on your own to figure things out?

We always go the extra mile. Our quotas are based on success stories of service, not the number of accounts we have. We are your local community bank, and we genuinely care about supporting our customers, who also happen to be our neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues. We are willing to put the extra work in so that we can help progress your financial situation, as well as your personal well-being. We are here for you and will always continue to go above and beyond to bring joy to our customers.

Do you know where your bank’s headquarters are? Is there a branch near you? Could you walk in and ask to meet the CEO?

It’s a long distance


Do you know where your bank’s headquarters are? Is there a branch near you? Could you walk in and ask to meet the CEO? The most important part of a significant bank relationship is to know exactly where your resources are and how easy it is to access them.

Chances are if you have to press a number to get to the next automated prompt to be put into a queue to wait for someone who doesn’t know you to answer your call and then pass you along to another department in another state – you should consider a local relationship that is more rewarding.

We're in your community

You feel like you’re

spending too much

Have you ever looked at your statement and thought, “Wait a minute…What’s this for? Why did I pay for that? Why is that an additional charge?”

We don’t want that. Ever.

Our personal checking accounts have no monthly charges, no required minimum balance, and also grant ATM refunds. Plus, we’ll help you choose the account that best fits your unique needs.

Ready to open an account yet? Schedule today!

Ready to schedule your account opening yet?

Our accounts are free and require no minimum balance. You can set up an appointment time online for an in-branch appointment with a representative at the branch location that is most convenient for you!

No wait. No hassle.

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You feel like you

can’t have any you time

Do you feel like you can’t wander too far from home without paying for it later? We’ve heard it before. “You don’t have enough ATMs or locations.”

What if we told you that you can go to any ATM – anywhere in the US – and it will be ok? We want you to get out there and have fun and be you.

When you have one of our checking accounts and meet the qualifications* we will refund you up to $25 in ATM fees anywhere – every month you qualify. It’s a big country. Enjoy it!

You’ve been afraid

to commit

Committing is serious, especially if you’re not sure you should. Do you have more than one bank? Are you afraid to “put all of your eggs in one basket”?

We’re patient. And humble. We know in the past you’ve probably wanted to keep your options open and take advantage of the next limited deal other banks may offer. It happens.

We just hope that over time, you’ll feel confident that deals and offers come and go, but we hold true to what we say. No expiration dates here! We commit to you from the beginning that what you see is what you’ll always get.

You’re not

growing together

You’ve changed and that’s ok. In life, we are constantly evolving and getting smarter. Wiser. To think we all stay the same would be sad really. We’re not the same as we were yesterday either.

Technology, community, and people – we keep getting better. Faster. Many banks stay the same even if you don’t. Call it old-fashioned, but we won’t be put in that square box.

We keep getting smarter and wiser too, like you. Over the years, we all may change our hair styles, homes, hobbies, music, or even careers. However, when we change, one thing stays the same – we are dedicated to your financial protection, social connection, and life direction. So party on.

You’re not happy and you

haven’t been for a long time

Can you believe some of our newer customers actually believed happiness meant you just weren’t unhappy?

We really hope you aren’t conditioned to thinking that a banking relationship can’t be a happy one. If you are, that’s unfortunate! We want to have a chance to show you the difference.

Lack of trust

Do you feel secure in your relationship? Do you ever doubt them? There are two different ways to evaluate this one.

First, fraud and identity theft are at an all-time high and will continue to increase. We have red flag monitoring and procedures in place; we feel confident that we are diligent in our fight to protect you. In the case of suspicious activity trigger, while you are out using your card, we notify you and help shut it down.

Next, what happens if your bank merges or closes? There’s a fast-growing trend there also. Is your bank solid financially and FDIC insured? We’re not going anywhere. We’re expanding our services, locations, and offerings for you to always push beyond a transaction and be the trusted advisor you deserve.

Find peace of mind with our ID Theft program

Do you feel safe from fraud?

Our goal is to make our community members vigilant
by learning all the ways criminals are attempting to steal money.

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You don’t feel


Maybe they have all the bells and whistles, yet aren’t receptive to your needs or communications. Or maybe it’s the opposite – they’re great to talk to but really lacking in looks or compatibility. You just don’t feel like you have the complete package.

What if you could have the sleek technology, splendid communication, and – dare we say – a little appreciation once in a while?

We’re not some flash in the pan. We’re here. We’re committed and dedicated to the communities we live in. Don’t be surprised if you run into Team Richwood at your child’s soccer field, at Uptown Fridays, throwing candy at the parade, or helping hand out food at the local pantry. Trying to keep up in the 5ks, or maybe not getting a birdie at the golf tourneys.
Ok. You get it. We’re here and human.