Get text message alerts on your account activity

Whether it’s a “Cha-Ching!” or “Oh, No!” moment,

we can give you a heads up on your bank account activity with text message alerts.


Log On to Online Banking

Log on to your online banking portal on a desktop or laptop.

Manage Alerts

Click on Manage Alerts on the Home tab.

Activate Text Alerts

Activate text alerts by inputting your mobile number. An activation code will be sent to your device.

Set Do Not Disturb

Set Do Not Disturb options, so you get alerts when you want to - not while you're sleeping.

Create Alerts

Create and edit alerts from different categories, like low balance alerts to avoid overdrafts, and transaction alerts for when you receive a deposit, check, or a withdrawal.

Ready To Try It Out?

Log on to your online banking portal through a desktop or laptop computer.

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