Are you thinking about switching to Richwood?

Or, maybe you've already chosen us for your banking,
and we're so glad to have you,
but perhaps there are a few things you didn't know about us,
or a few things you didn't know we offered.

10. Rooting For You

The Golden Rule in all we do.

Every decision, service, or product we offer was intentionally thought through with the goal that everyone wins – customers, shareholders, community businesses, and Richwood. Transparency with pricing and access to all Richwood employees – including our President and CEO – Chad Hoffman – are key in helping you reach your financial goals.

We believe that Richwood Bank has the potential to be the center of influence for everyone who lives and works where we do. We want each and every person to improve their standard of life regardless of income. The more educated, safe and savvy our customers are, the more they are positioned to win the best life for themselves and those they love. We are looking out for you through fraud protection, higher rewards, financial literacy, less debt, and supporting the organizations that are improving our communities.

9. Top Workplace

The best of the best. With happy, talented people.

For five consecutive years, we’ve been awarded as a Top Workplace by Columbus CEO Magazine and now Forbes Magazine with national recognition as a Top 100 Best Small to Medium Workplace. We are dedicated to developing, recognizing, and awarding our team members who put in the work to make Richwood Bank a successful, memorable financial institution. Team Richwood is supported with leaders who ensure that their individual contribution is valued.

What that means for you?

We’ve got trusted, friendly advisors who are equipped with the knowledge and experience to know what it takes to make the right decisions for your financials and keeping you protected.

Our goal is to build up our communities and provide the financial services, products, and knowledge that allows our families, friends, and neighbors to live fulfilled lives. We believe that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of the company, and that’s an investment worth making. In fact, if this post finds you looking for a new career with Richwood, head on over to our careers page. We’re always looking for future rockstars!

8. Personalized Debit Cards

Personalized and customized. A debit card that reflects you.

Did you know your Richwood Bank debit card can be customized with your own photo? A picture of your dog, your family – we can put it on your debit card. Or choose from one of our pre-designed background options. We even have our own graphic designers to make sure your photo looks and fits perfectly on your card. The best part, we’ll instantly issue you your personalized card so that it’s ready to use as soon as you leave the bank!

7. ATMs

Use any ATM. Anywhere.

Sure, we could invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into big heavy clunky machines that spit out cash – but why not reward you instead? With a Richwood Bank personal reward checking account, you can earn up to $25 in ATM fee refunds every month. Always.

It’s simple to qualify every month. Once you’re in the qualify zone, the refund happens next day. Your ATM fees that may have built up while you were working up those debit card swipes will be remembered and paid back as soon as you hit the qualification zone.

So, the next time you’re at a gas station, event, hotel, vacation – anywhere you happen to need cash and stumble upon someone else’s ATM – go ahead and hit “Yes” to continue after you see the fee warning. We got you.

6. Networking

Linking like minds to create powerful outcomes.


(v.) to cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally or personally

(n.) an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information

The description of networking sounds similar to community, doesn’t it? We like to connect the dots and see how our customers can help one another. Thanks to our large network of relationships across Central Ohio, we get to have the worthwhile pleasure of introducing individuals and businesses to one another. There’s nothing more enjoyable than initiating a suggestion that turns out to be a fantastic experience for everyone.

There’s three ways we cultivate networking within our Central Ohio area.

5. Long-Term Commitment

We're In This Together

When it comes to checking accounts, we know you have options. Lots of options.

We know there’s a lot of flashy offers out there to switch to big banks and credit unions, but then what? We call these attempts “Bait To Switch-ers.”

Their hook always has a catch, and the appreciation stops after the deal.

You know the type: $300 Bonus* For You When You Switch

Sounds great. Until you read the fine print of everything you have to do.

“…*Earn a sign-up bonus of $300 (expires 1/14/2019). The $12 monthly maintenance fee can be avoided by keeping a minimum balance of $1,500, signing up for monthly direct deposits of at least $500, or having an average beginning day balance of at least $5,000 across linked qualifying accounts and investments.”

 Let’s say you keep those high balances and jump through the three and six-month hoops to finally get that bonus cash. You’re still in an account with fees and no rewards.

Long-Term Values

Our approach is different. We believe that every month you choose Richwood is an opportunity to show appreciation through rewards. First off, personal checking and savings accounts do not have monthly fees or a minimum balance requirement. Ever.

We provide you with our award-winning mobile banking app, check capture and online tools.

That’s just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Branches that contain Richwood Coffee open at 7 am for you to come in and start the day with us.

We call you with suspicious activity and offer CardValet for added fraud protection at no charge.

We could keep going on the perks, but there’s more if you agree to reciprocate some effort as well.

For example, with our Leverage account, if you pay a bill through your Bill Pay or receive a direct deposit (either/or), go paperless with eStatements and use your debit card at least 18 times per month – we say, “Thank you!” We will give you cash back in your account each month and reimburse any ATM fees you may have acquired up to $25!

Let those “Bait to Switch-ers” pay for ATM machines all over the country and we will give you refunds for using them.

We’re committed to the long haul together. We don’t want you to feel forgotten after a six-month flashy offer.

3. Community

Putting the unity in community.

Richwood Bank is different. On purpose. With purpose. We inspire, protect, and celebrate anything that helps communities thrive.

Our CEO, Chad Hoffman says, “If the only social interaction you have is with the UPS guy as he drops off your Amazon package, then you don’t need a community or a community bank.”

We agree. When this happens, it becomes a mere transaction, rather than an interaction. A community bank is structured to receive deposits and create loans for the people and businesses that live in our direct area. This cycle allows us to keep your money local. Our income on your investments allows us to fund local nonprofits, events, employment for more than 130 of your neighbors, and pay taxes that support local municipals. We also reinvest to provide you with the optimum technology possible for your evolving bank needs, continued education for our employees and business owners, plus financial literacy programs for our schools. We offer the advancements of banking through your phone with our mobile banking app, while making our branch lobbies a destination for meeting with friends or relaxing with a good cup of coffee. We want our communities to participate in our vision of community. Interactions vs. a transaction.

One of the ways we give back to our community is through Richwood Coffee. It’s our philanthropic effort to reward you for giving back like we do. Come in, hang out, and make a donation to one of more than 20 nonprofit beneficiaries and we’ll say “thank you” by providing you with a gift card of coffee drinks. See how much your donation can earn you here.

We give the beneficiaries 100% of your donation. You feel great about making a difference and get to enjoy a high quality coffee, tea or smoothie of your choice. We’ve collected more than $140,000 so far, thanks to people like you.

Stop in for a sample and check out our coffee shop! Anyone can donate, even if you haven’t decided to choose Richwood as your bank yet.

2. Mobile Banking

Account management for your mobile device with award-winning performance.

We have mobile apps for personal and business banking. It’s not just about seeing your balances – you can transfer money, send money to friends or family, pay bills, and make deposits.

You can take pictures of the check(s) you’d like to deposit and even take pictures of your bills too. Upload them into Bill Pay and send funds directly to them.

We don’t want to brag, but we were named a Top Performing Community Bank in mobile banking for having an awesome mobile banking app. And it’s free with your checking and savings accounts.

1. Bill Pay

Save time. Save stamps. Save paper. All of your bills in one place.

You probably don’t enjoy paying your bills every month about as much as we do. It’s also not just the money you have to spend, but how many places you have to go to pay them. Know what makes parting with your paycheck a little less painful? Our BILL PAY.

You can access bill pay through your Richwood mobile app and your online banking account. There’s no charge for the service.

It’s so easy to set up bills and have them all in one place. You can even take pictures of your bills and let Bill Pay upload them for you.

You control when you pay them and how much. Online, you can also view payment history of each bill to remind you of what you paid and when you paid it. Imagine everything from your car payment to your Kohl’s card, to your doctor visit, to your water bill – all nice and neat in one place. Type in what you want to pay and to where, and hit submit. That’s it.

“Before Richwood, I used to spend more than an hour going online to different credit cards and utility companies to pay through their payment portals. It was so frustrating and I always had to re-enter my card info to pay them. Now, I use Bill Pay for everything – even donating at church! Every payday I log into Bill Pay and send payments to the City of Marysville, Memorial, my insurance, Verizon, Kohl’s, and more. It’s all in one place and literally takes me five minutes.”