Richwood U


Established in 2016, Richwood U is both an internal support team for employee development as well as an external source for businesses to learn how to apply Richwood’s formula for leadership and organizational development.

Our greatest asset at Richwood Bank is our employees. We thoughtfully seek, coach, and develop people who fit into our culture. As a community-minded organization, we believe we can use those skills to help other businesses do the same.

Let our team help you to learn more about:

No matter if you're just starting out and need to build a future from the ground up, or if things are great, but you think there's room to improve, Richwood U can help.

Recruitment and retention of rock-star employees
Proven accountability methods
Change management
Next level business culture

Financial Literacy

Richwood U’s education team travels to area schools to speak on financial topics such as fraud and identity theft, to budgeting and building credit. Richwood Bank helps sponsor a financial literacy program to ten schools, 19 teachers and 820 students.

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