Financial Tips

Six Proactive Ways to Securely Stay Connected with Richwood Bank and your Finances

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  1. Use our mobile app and online banking portal to limit cash handling

Our digital banking services allow you to transfer money between your accounts and other banking institutions. You can check your account balances and deposit checks. You can also pay all of your billsincluding medical, utilities, external loans, credit cards, HOAs, and rent through Bill Pay.

If you do need to access cash or deposit it, you can access our drive thrus, ATMs and afterhours deposit drawers at any of our eight locations.

  1. Check your transaction activity regularly

Online spending will likely increase as our communities practice social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Did you know that people under 40 are the highest target for debit fraud? The fraud pros know the chances are less likely that they monitor their activity. By the time it’s discovered, the window to claim it can be lost.

  1. Sign up for text alerts

Text alerts can be set up in your online banking portal for transfers, deposits, withdrawals and announcements regarding your accounts. You determine the thresholds to notify you about.

  1. Download our CardValet app

CardValet is an additional app we offer all customers. It allows you to turn your card on and off, lower daily limits, and designate states or retail industries you want your card to block or access.

  1. Take advantage of Secure Identity

Secure Identity Monitoring is a complimentary service we offer to all primary checking account owners at no charge. From the Dark Web to utility records, monitoring includes over 1500 data base scans to ensure your safety.

  1. Think before you click or respond to any solicitations

Remember, in these heightened and uncertain times that criminals are looking for ways to hit you in the feels. They might even pretend to be us. Not cool. If you didn’t buy the ticket, take the test, request the link or place the call – don’t interact any further. Delete it. Hang up. Ignore it.

Call us, email us or live chat – we will help you piece together what is going on.

Our fraud team squelched thousands of fraud attempts last year. In fact, our customers are five times less likely to experience fraud loss than the average banking customer.

Here’s a video from our friend and last year’s ROAR speaker about cyber security, John Sileo. It’s under five minutes and reveals actual fraud campaigns happening to victims right now using the Coronavirus to lure you in.