ROAR Speaker Series

At Richwood Bank, our goal is to inspire, protect and celebrate anything that helps communities thrive. One of our core values is to seek knowledge. It is through this lens of knowledge-seeking that we developed ROAR, a complimentary speaking series, in 2017.  In this series, we seek out and host renowned speakers who have demonstrated innovation in their industry, and who can inspire our community leaders to excel in their own businesses. These events offer us an opportunity to come together for shared learning and development. When we gain knowledge, we collectively improve; a rising tide raises all ships.

Richwood Bank is a community bank. To us, that’s more than just a legal distinction. Serving our communities is in our DNA. As your local community bank, we genuinely care about supporting our customers, who also happen to be our neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues. We consider it part of our mission to build up our communities and provide the financial services, products, and knowledge that allow our families, friends, and neighbors to live fulfilled lives. Check back here for updates and schedules of future ROAR events. We look forward to seeing you!


Past ROAR Events