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Richwood Bank–Dropping Pounds for a Cause

By September 12, 2014January 14th, 2015No Comments

Employees at all six locations of Richwood Bank are entering into their third week of a twelve week team weight loss challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to get healthy while also helping out local food banks. For each pound lost, Richwood Bank will donate $1 to a local food pantry.

Anyone who has ever been on a diet in an attempt to lose a few pounds knows how challenging weight loss can be. The Richwood Bank employees recognized this challenge and have come up with one solution to the problem; team motivators. A team motivator is someone who has achieved a healthy lifestyle and physique and now wishes to share their success in order to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Motivators can help the teams along in the process by teaching exercise techniques, sharing healthy recipes, or simply lending an encouraging word. Along with team motivators, team members help hold each other accountable by checking in with one another and by recording their nutrition in a daily journal. Logging calories and exercise in a daily journal somewhat resembles recording debits and credits in a financial ledger, so this part of the challenge should fit right into the bank’s daily activities!

Richwood Bank is, and always has been, centered on community. The Richwood Bank employees want to invite all community members to participate in the challenge. We believe that a healthy community translates into a happier community as a whole. In addition to participating in the weight loss challenge, each branch location will be collecting canned food items to donate, along with the cash funds from the bank, at the end of the challenge. Next time you stop in to make a deposit, feel free to bring non-perishable food items to donate. Also, if anyone would like to be a motivator, all encouragement is welcome! When stopping by your Richwood branch location, don’t hesitate to cheer on our team members as they continue on their weight loss journey. After all, we are all in this together!

The aggregate weight loss is at 186.9 pounds and with 9 weeks left, that number is sure to keep growing while team members’ waist lines keep shrinking!