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Call Center Established & Staffed with Richwood Bank’s Best

By September 12, 2014January 14th, 2015No Comments

Richwood Bank is a growing company that has expanded from the original branch located in Richwood, Ohio to now include branches in Plain City, Marysville, LaRue, Huntsville, and Delaware. Increasing our business has produced an ever increasing number of customer phone calls and inquiries. Richwood Bank is thrilled to be able to serve more and more customers but at the same time recognized a need for a support team to help handle all of the call volume. What was the recommended solution? Well, Richwood Bank decided to establish a call center which would be located in the brand new operations building located directly behind the original branch in Richwood, Ohio.

Most everyone has had to call a 1-800 number for help with an account at one time or another in their adult life. Whether that experience was a positive one probably depended on a couple of different factors. Typically though, the one factor that really determines if the experience was pleasant or not was the helpfulness and friendliness of the person at the other end of the line. Were they sincere in their effort to help resolve your problem? Or did they sound like they hated their job and couldn’t get off of the phone fast enough?

When Richwood Bank decided to establish a call center, they were very intentional about the staff they chose to have on this project. Providing customers with a positive experience is an understatement of Richwood Bank’s vision. In fact, one of the visions that Richwood Bank has is to be able to “wow” customers with every chance they get. That vision was taken to heart when thinking about whom to hire to staff the call center. The result was choosing a team of staff members who have been proven to be the most knowledgeable and equipped candidates in their former positions with Richwood Bank. These individuals were handpicked and offered the position to be part of the call center.

If you have a problem, need, or simple question regarding your Richwood Bank account(s) and you dial in to any of our branches, chances are you will be routed to the call center. What can you expect? Well, you can expect to talk to one of our most knowledgeable and caring team members. Whether you get to speak with Stephanie, Jenny, or another call center team member, Richwood Bank’s goal is that you hang up the phone knowing that you were taken care of with efficiency, genuine care, and expert knowledge on the matter. Nothing would make us happier than knowing that we were able to “wow” our customers in their experience of our calling our call center for help. Next time you have a question, pick up the phone and give us a chance to do just that!