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Planting the Seed of Community

By May 9, 2016No Comments

Have you ever sat back and thought about what you do for the community you live in? Really just thought about how you can give back or leave a lasting impact?

This is a topic of discussion in many progressive work places. At Richwood Bank, we’ve made this matter front and center. The communities we serve are truly the heartbeat of our organization.

The Bank participates in more than ninety events annually as well as countless donations to many organizations and events.

Why? Re-investing in those around you will pay off not only in the short term, but in the long run as well. At our core we know that giving back is the right thing to do and will hopefully motivate others to do the same. It’s not about recognition – it’s about getting more companies and individuals to join us.

Richwood Bank encourages staff to volunteer spending time serving soup for Habitat for Humanity, bag food for People in Need and deliver Christmas Care packages for our First Responders – just to name off a few.

An especially strong emphasis is placed on educating the youth in our local schools. This is really where planting the seed truly matters, with our children. Instructing our youth is a crucial part of ensuring the prosperity of our communities. After all, these children are the future bankers, police officers, teachers and CEO’s.

Richwood Bank staff teach financial literacy classes to students of all ages, volunteer for groups like the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization and they take an active role in ensuring the success of the school districts and the students that attend them. We’re planting the seed early with students that giving back is a priority no matter what community you end up in some day.


Remember if you invest in the community, they will invest in you. How will you give back?


Do you belong to an organization that could use a boost, needs volunteers? Check out our Sponsorship page and fill out the request form.

Let’s do this!