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New Debit Cards and ATM Card Issued

By December 19, 2014January 14th, 2015No Comments

If you recently received a new Richwood Bank debit card or ATM card in the mail and you did not request one, you may be wondering why. Here are the facts you should know:

  • We upgraded to a new debit card processing system
  • The new system is designed to help make your experience of using your debit card seamless
  • Your old card had a symbol on the back that needed to be removed in order to work with the new system
  • We needed to make sure everyone received a new card that works with the new system
  • All customers with a personal debit card or personal ATM card should have received a new card in the mail
  • Business cards were not issued, only personal cards

Here is what you need to do:

  • As soon as you receive your new card, call the number provided to activate the card
  • Safely discard your old card

It’s as simple as that! If you have further questions or need assistance, please call us at 888-943-2317.