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Experiencing a Life Change? Consider letting us know!

By May 13, 2016No Comments

Notifying the post office? Check.

Alerting your employer or school? Check.

Updating your driver’s license? Check.

Updating your Facebook status? Check.

Letting your bank know? Ummm…. (need to say check!)

Why share with your bank your address change? Updated email? Phone number? Marriage status?

Here’s the top three reasons:

  1. Verifying who you are. Identity thieves are getting sneakier and sneakier these days. If we need to call you to double check if you really just made that huge purchase in Idaho – we need to reach you –and fast. What if we have an old number on file? What if your email kicks back and no longer exists? Yikes!

We want the fastest, most accurate way to reach you ASAP.

  1. Statements, birthday cards and policy updates. You need them, we send them. By mail and/or email. We actually prefer email (it saves trees) but there’s nothing like a birthday card that you can take to six different business affiliates for a free treat to celebrate. Did you know we get several sent back to us each month because the address is no longer accurate? Boo! We like for you to receive all information and rewards – accurately and timely.


  1. We like to hear about the good news in your life! New phone? New address? New last name? Those are exciting milestones we’d like to celebrate with you. On the other hand, when something doesn’t go as planned, perhaps a loss in the family or you’re leaving the area, we’d like to be there, too, to make sure there’s options we can do to help you transition.



There are many reasons why we’d like to have the most current contact information for you but most important is to stay connected with you.

Celebrate, protect and inform – we’ll be there for you.


Stop in a branch, call us or even shoot an email or chat through to start the verifying process. Whatever’s easiest for you to let us know!