Customer Information Agents

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Meet our specialists on call to serve you:



Our representatives are your friendly, trusted advisors. Have faith that our CIA team will assist you to the very best of their ability each and every time they speak with you.


I have just joined the CIA Team, transferring from a Richwood Coffee Barista. My favorite customer as a barista was an elderly man who visited the coffee shop on occasion and somehow, we got on the topic of chess, so I told him to bring in his board and I would play him in the coffee shop lobby (off hours of course). He happily did and of course he check-mated me!


Pro Tip: Before traveling out of state, give us a call and we can notate your card, so you won’t have any issues using it on vacation. Added Value Tip: Run your charges as a debit using your PIN so we know it’s you!


Did You Know: All CIA Team members begin their career serving customers in person? We have all had prior branch roles and are well-versed in all banking aspects, such as debit cards, loan process, wires, and online banking. We have all the knowledge to serve our customers!


Pro Tip: “It is always better to be SAFE, than sorry”. Think before you give out any personal information. If you ever question someone calling you claiming to be Richwood Bank, hang up and call our direct line to be sure. 740-943-2317.


A problem is a chance for us to do what we do best. I love this saying because the CIA Team loves a challenge. We are here to help you work out any banking issues and have the knowledge to give you a great customer service experience.


Pro Tip: use the text and/or email alerts feature with online banking or the mobile app. Added Value Tip: You can set up notifications for specific transactions, a low balance threshold, or a variety of options on your account. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your accounts and activity.  If you’d like help setting up your alerts with online banking, give the CIA Team a call.


Pro Advice: No issue is too big or too small, feel free to call with any concerns. Our team is here to help you with all of your banking issues and concerns.


Favorite Quote: It’s always best to over-communicate and listen!