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Staying Connected, Banking Together

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Solutions for Banking during Temporary Lobby Closings

This winter wave of various colds and viruses has impacted all of us, customers and employees alike. As we continue to pray for prosperous health to all, we admit unexpected branch closings have been disappointing – yet necessary.

Our goal is to deliver on our promise to serve you to the level of excellence you deserve. We believe with the array of options to connect to our team, we can get through this together.

In person, online or by phone – you can move your money and advance your financial needs.


Below we provide all the contact information and capabilities each option provides.

1. Drive-Thru and Appointments

If you’d like to open new or additional accounts, you can start online with the basic intake information and an appointment scheduler that let’s you choose the date and location to meet and finalize the signatures and review the features/benefits that come with our account offerings.

Our Drive Thru’s are best for depositing cash, checks or wanting to withdraw your cash. We can also do just about anything else you might have come in for – with the exception of coin exchange.

We recommend to call ahead to either locate the next closest coin machine or set a time for us to welcome you inside to cash heavy coin or buy it for your business registers.

We’ll get your coin situation solved – that’s our promise.


alt="family in car going through bank drive thru"

You can also set appointments to meet with our experts in financial investments, business payroll and marketing, we can ensure you’ve got the right team to answer questions and assess your situation for the best recommendations.

2. Call or Chat with our Bankers

If you have some moving or shaking to do, our team at the other end of the phone is equipped to make it happen. They’ve all worked in the branches first, after all.  They’re your virtual branch of experts.


Would you like to speak with a person who lives in your community? It’s added security for us all to know one another.

They can solve your situation directly, or transfer you to the employee you’re searching for.

One call can do it all:

  • Balances
  • Transfers
  • Payments
  • Online Support
  • Fraud Inquiries
  • Statement Questions
  • Branch Availability
  • Wires
  • Bill Pay
  • Update Contact Info
  • Appointment setting
  • Account changes
  • Verify something really is real
  • When in doubt, call us

Want pre-approved, apply for a loan or inquire about an existing one?

In addition to setting appointments, one call can direct you to the correct officer based on the financial goal you’re wanting a loan to achieve for you.

There’s many ways to get the most bang for your buck. Our expert officers guide you to get you the Win you deserve.

PS – All loan officers have direct extensions we can provide to you.

Did you know that our ‘call center’ is actually a bright windowed office wing in Richwood filled with seasoned, talented branch staff who advanced internally to banking and online/mobile experts? They also support our Red Flag Fraud Team to keep you safely out there spending online.

3. Online and Mobile Access 

If you haven’t looked in to all the capabilities you have at your fingertips through your computer or mobile device, you may be surprised. It’s all there, for every customer, 24/7.

Log in or Enroll Here

If you haven’t activated your mobile or online banking we recommend trying it out. It keeps all your spending and activity in your hands. Online is much more robust, yet both have all basic banking at your command.

Online, you can define custom text alerts so you know every deposit or payment activity in your account when they hit your account.

  • View balances
  • Make transfers
  • Send payments
  • Check credit score
  • Report fraud
  • View statements
  • Turn on/off debit card with Card Control
  • Monitor spending
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Make a loan payment
  • Pay bills and add new ones
  • Set text alerts

Every branch has a ‘Night Drop’ or after hours deposit box securely on the building. If you have cash to deposit or check(s) greater than a total of $2,000, you can put them in an envelope with your name, account number and instructions. We process all received drop off payments and deposits daily.

If you’d prefer to not wait in line, you can drop off to the after hours box anytime. We check it daily.

Business owners who would like access to ACH, Wire Manager, Positive Pay and grant limited access to employees – we can upgrade your online banking portal to include our business suite. It’s sweet.

Closing Thoughts

We know the bigger world of issues is entering the third year affecting us at our ‘local level’. The start of 2022 has had some unanticipated waves rolling in over the customer service ocean we all live in.

To keep our teams responsibly healthy so they can safely interact with all visiting customers, we’ve had to make decisions we’d rather not such as  intermittent branch closures or drive thru only and we want to explain why.

There are security and safety requirements for proactive bank staffing while in ongoing Pandemic mode nationally.  So, it’s really a blend of things but the biggest factor that made doors lock is the quick spreading virus we’ve all been experiencing heavier than that last time after the other time it waved through.

It’s like you’re playing chess with an unknown opponent called a virus.

Our awesome people need our customers cheering us on, trusting that we want to make every transaction accurate and enjoyable for you.

We’re expecting the next month or so to have disappointments in unanticipated lobby closures – yet we ask what can we do to help avoid what we know we don’t want –

Keeping you informed is the key.

We are focused on communicating when a branch has this common wave of Covid or general illness that factors in to regular life plans of our team – like maternity celebrations, planned vacations and simply growing so fast – we are always looking Diamonds in the rough. Ready to join us in our mission to inspire, protect and celebrate that which makes our communities thrive.

Our customers need us and more people like us to continue to serve at our level of memorable experience.

If you’d like to see what positions are open and all the cool benefits we offer the right people who believe in our diamonds.  Please share with people we should meet.

We are so grateful for our customers and our team!! We will be open and stellar as our health returns!

More Interesting Facts:

  • Did you know we accept loose coin and do not require rolling? Bring in the Piggy Bank. Please see us before spending all those fees on Coinstar!
  • Did you know last year our Richwood Bank customers spent nearly $2.5 Billion dollars with just under two million transactions online?
  • Did you know within our five counties, we assist 4,954 business owners, 865 non-profit providers and 19,561 people with their banking. What an honor!