Our success rests on our employees who deliver day in and day out. Each quarter of the year, we take the time to recognize and appreciate each other’s accomplishments. Award-winning staff are nominated by their coworkers and voted on for a winner.

The Awards

You Rock

The You Rock Award goes to the employee who delivered outstanding efforts to complete a task.  Someone who goes above and beyond what is expected.  This person is willing to do the work, whether they are asked to or not.

Joy Lea

The Joy Lea Award recognizes that attitude is everything.  This employee is motivational, a great team-player, and is always boosting the spirits of those around them.  This person has a way of turning problems into opportunities and shares their optimism with others.


The Trunk Award recognizes the employee who provides support to internal customers in a memorable way. There is no such thing as a stupid question or too difficult of a problem to this person.