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4 Ways to Get Your Small Business Free Media Coverage

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newsGetting in the “news” today is not as difficult as it used to be. Just look at today’s news stories and you’ll be amazed at the stuff that makes it into the minds of the consumer population. Kim Kardashian posted a picture of what? Senator so and so got arrested for what? It’s embarrassing what we find newsworthy these days…but that’s a whole other topic.

Getting in the news isn’t hard. Getting in the “right news” for your business’ specific goal and reaching your target audience is a little bit hard. But not as difficult as you might think. If you’re tired of the Kardashians taking your spotlight but think you don’t have enough money to compete, well, you’re probably right. HOWEVER, here are some FREE (as in they don’t cost money, just time and creative energy) ways that you can get your business media coverage.


1. Press Release

Writing a press release can be tricky, so make sure you know what you’re trying to say and to whom you are saying it to. Find out the correct contact person of the paper you want your release published in, write up a great headline and shareable story, and go ahead and send it in. Beware; most reporters will not let you know whether or not they received your release or if they will use your story. You may wish to follow up or just keep an eye out in the paper for your release.

Is your business doing something really cool and unique that benefits your local community? Are you coming up on a company milestone that is celebration worthy? Helping out a charity with an event or sponsoring a good cause? You may just have reason to write a press release.


2. Social Media

social mediaOnce you have the first step completed, the rest is quite simple. Use social media outlets to blast your business’ news. HOWEVER, remember to first consider the intent of what you are posting, the desired result of your post, and then carefully select where and when you will post.

You had to of known this was coming. I feel like the saying “Cash is King” for financial gurus can be translated into “Social Media is King” in regards to free media coverage. First and foremost, if you don’t have social media accounts set up for your business, please do that first. Check out this blog to help get you started.


3. Host an event

“Downtown ice cream parlor serves the world’s largest hot fudge Sunday”

This is where you will really need to get creative- if you want to get in the news that is. You can’t just throw some banners up and call it “Customer Appreciation” and expect to get the local news team in your office. Think outside the box, do something that would get people talking. You may have to spend some money to host the event, but if it’s cool enough, the news part will be free. Think of a headline about your company that you would love to see in the paper.

“Pet store hosts contest for local pet owners to showcase their pet’s skills”

“Bank hands out chocolate candy bars with random “golden tickets” for chance to win $1,000”

You get the idea.


4. Participate in local events

Depending on where your business is located, participating in events that are going on in your community could be another easy way to get media coverage or at least link up with people who could help you get coverage in the future. Think Chamber of Commerce, Career Fairs, networking luncheons, etc. You may have to share the limelight with other businesses, but hey, free coverage is free coverage!


Sound easy enough? Hopefully you find these avenues to gaining media coverage fairly accessible and are able to implement them to get your business in the news when you find appropriate. If you still feel overwhelmed and need some help- ideas on an event you can host, writing a press release, etc.- we can help. Contact Richwood Marketing and we will get your business the coverage you desire.



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