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3 Reasons Why Corporate Culture is Becoming More Important

By July 26, 2017No Comments

You’ve probably heard that having a strong, unified company culture will benefit your business operations. Culture contributes to the identity and values of your company. It helps attract talent, and retain that talent. And it adds to your brand identity – how your customers view you.

You know the benefits, but do you know why a corporate culture is becoming even more important? Here’s three reasons to help you understand how truly important culture is to your business’s future:

1. Trends and Competition

Culture is becoming a bit of a trend, a buzzword. And as a result, companies are discussing culture, creating brand cultures, and even preserving them through development. These companies are your competition. You’ll want to take an audit of your own culture to keep pace and differentiate yourself.

2. Millennial Expectations

Millennials are driving workplace expectations of the future. One of their values is a strong company culture. And it’s key to recruiting new talent.

3. The Startup Economy

Entrepreneurs. These are the start-ups driving culture. As the modern workplace continues to evolve, they’re finding ways to differentiate and find sticking points for employees to stay.

This blog post was adapted from “Why Corporate Culture Is Becoming Even More Important,” by Larry Alton on
And is a favorited article by Shelley Pfeiffer, Chief Human Resource Officer.