150 Reasons to Choose Richwood

With 150 years under our belt,
there are lots of reasons to choose Richwood Bank.
We’ve even listed 150 reasons.


But the #1 reason…

We can help you
switch without a glitch.

When you’re ready to choose Richwood Bank, we want to help
you by making it as seamless
 and effortless as possible.

2. Endless opportunties to reach your financial goals through saving, lending and investments.

3. Make you feel like family.

4. Rewards checking.

5. Plan for your future through Richwood Financial.

6. Helping you save or buy your first home, or even your dream home.

7. Donating all coffee shop sales back to the community.

8. You can store important documents or valuables safely and securely in a variety of different size deposit boxes.

9. Available six days a week for your convenience.

10. Quick turnaround time for repairing or replacing our Merchant Service devices to keep your business running smooth.

11. Encouraging children to save by making it fun – offering both prizes and educational games.

12. Available to educate you on the most up-to-date banking solutions.

13. Knowledgeable customer service representatives provide personal everyday help with any banking need.

14. Personal savings accounts for every goal.

15. Take the time to understand and meet your banking solutions.

16. Hold courses and consult with business customers to equip them with leadership skills.

17. Cross-trained, trusted professionals to handle all of your banking needs with strong local support staff.

18. Catering to your personal, and business needs.

19. Knowledgeable staff available to find the answers to any and all your banking questions.

20. Support the community by volunteering, attending and participating in local charitable events.

21. Flexible terms and products to fit your needs.

22. Community involvement.

23. Experienced and trustworthy staff.

24. Equipped with a small, but incredibly strong team. That way, small details aren’t overlooked.

25. Friendly baristas who can make delicious drinks and answer questions about the bank.

26. Identity theft monitoring to help protect you against identity theft.

27. Family-oriented.

28. Create and encourage a culture that celebrates employee and customer success.

29. Private account offices so that we can take our time helping you open an account, get to know you, and educate you.

30. Buzz Points can be redeemed locally for merchandise and food.

31. Loan officers work with you from application to closing.

32. Coffee shop baristas make everyone feel like a “regular”.

33. One of our team members will always answer your call during business hours.

34. Innovative products to fit your needs.

35. Convenient, easy access branch locations.

36. Understand agriculture.

37. Free wifi, pinball, delicious beverages, and a comfortable lobby.

38. Taking our morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee breaks, as seriously as you do.

39. Show you how to use social media so you can stay up to date on your own.

40. Listening to our customers and getting them in contact with the right department to answer their questions.

41. All loan decisions are made locally.

42. Passbook savings accounts available for kids.

43. Make sure your needs are met by connecting you with trusted friendly advisors for all your banking needs.

44. Encourage you to get creative and try new things – like a new coffee flavor.

45. Keeping our network secure and your information safe.

46. Richwood Marketing can help bring your business vision to life.

47. Branches provide a comfortable, convenient banking environment with available conference room, lounge, and coffee shop.

48. Employees keep up with the latest security news to help keep your money and information safe.

49. Can come up with content for you website, social media, and much more so you will be remembered and stay relevant.

50. Make deposits with our mobile app to deposit your checks from home or wherever you find convenient.

51. Personable staff that is always eager to hear your business ideas.

52. Mobiliti – our mobile app – puts the control of your accounts in your smartphone.

53. You’re not just a number. We know our customers.

54. Service awards for employee anniversaries.

55. Trusted friendly advisors.

56. Get to know our customers’ families personally and build on those relationships.

57. Merchant Services (credit card) machines available to area businesses.

58. Host complimentary learning events to the public throughout the year.

59. Businesses can remotely deposit checks with our Digital Deposit scanner systems.

60. Hosting a variety of after-hours events in our communities.

61. Offering a safe and relaxing place for customers to kick back in our lobbies.

62. Providing front sidewalks and parking lost to support local fundraising.

63. Access to Richwood Marketing to help your business thrive.

64. Innovative technology to access your account with ease.

65. Take extra steps to make sure you and your accounts are safe.

66. We can provide you with an instant issue chip card that you walk out of your branch with.

67. Richwood Coffee allows you to fuel your caffeine addiction while giving back to local charities.

68. Online bill pay.

69. Certificates of Deposit can still be paper or done electronically.

70. We spend all week baking cookies just for Cookie Fridays.

71. Overall average workplace culture score of 6.05 out of possible 7.0.

72. Spending rewards through Buzz Points which allows you to cash in at your favorite shops.

73. We can help you set up identity theft monitoring.

74. Local customer support, bases in Richwood, Ohio.

75. Convenience.

76. Operating for 150 years under the same name.

77. Encourage community support.

78. When you’re ready to cash in all that change, you can bring it to any bank branch and use our cool machine that will quickly count your change for you.

79. We know your name.

80. Coffee shop offers a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

81. Alert customers to help protect them from the latest scams and phishing attacks.

82. Active members of your community.

83. Your business, no matter how small, is BIG business to us.

84. Share employees who go above and beyond on company-wide morning huddle calls.

85. Our Fraud Squad identifies fraud quickly and helps you protect yourself from loss.

86. Mobile app.

87. Richwood Financial advisors are dedicated to finding the right solution to make the most out of your investments.

88. Friendly personalities.

89. Volunteering in the community to make a difference in people’s lives.

90. Can help brand your small business with t-shirts, banners, pens, hats and much, much more!

91. Make you feel at home.

92. Offer a wide base of hours of support.

93. Always follow through and get to the bottom of challenges faced by our customers.

94. Enjoy helping our customers achieve their financial dreams.

95. Online chat feature gives you the flexibility of communicating with our team without calling.

96. Get to know you on a first name basis and greet you when you come in.

97. Instantly issue you a card.

98. Night drop depository to make secure deposits after hours.

99. Match you up with the perfect banking product to meet your needs.

100. As committed to seeing success come to your business as you are.

101. We won the 2015 Extraordinary Bank award from the Institute for Extraordinary Banking.

102. Trusted friendly advisors who can help you achieve our financial goals.

103. Community calendar of events available online.

104. Tellers know you by name.

105. Can set you apart from your competition and bring foot traffic to your business.

106. Help your children save for their college educations.

107. Strive to educate our customers on money matters and promote financial stability.

108. Offer design services to help make your business look as professional as possible.

109. In the first year alone, the coffee shop donated $46,000 back to our community beneficiaries.

110. Encourage study groups, book clubs, neighborhood watch teams, and small groups to use our free wifi lounges and meeting spaces.

111. Top notch customer service.

112. Providing secure night drop box and mobile deposits to take care of our “night owls.”

113. Can help you get the word out about events you have coming up by posting to our community calendar at no cost.

114. We were inducted into the Institute of Extraordinary Banking Hall of Fame in 2016.

115. Can come up with a marketing plan tailored to you and your business.

116. Concise incoming and outgoing wires.

117. Flexibility.

118. Investing in your community.

119. Assign an account manager to you that will be there to answer any and all marketing questions you may have.

120. We service our own loans.

121. We have been voted favorite bank in both Union and Delaware County.

122. In 2016, we donated 70+ raffle baskets to local teams and organizations.

123. Our goal is to see you meet your goals.

124. Drive thru service at all bank locations, so you can bank without leaving your car.

125. Our employees live and work in our communities.

126. Specials for company milestones that benefit customers.

127. You can earn Buzz Points for shopping with your debit cards.

128. Latest technology to help our frontline staff answer your questions efficiently.

129. Richwood Payroll allows you to gain more time with your employees, customers and minimize paperwork hassles.

130. Cookies on Fridays.

131. Address your needs in friendly and personable ways.

132. Start to finish construction loans.

133. Convenient banking through phone, chat, and secure email support.

134. Live in areas we serve.

135. All decisions are made locally.

136. Your questions are quickly escalated to the experts that can help you most.

137. Help you save for Christmas ahead of time, and vacation too.

138. Help your business stay up-to-date on all forms of social media.

139. Top workplace four years in a row.

140. You are always a PERSON to us.

141. Can offer support for your events such as volunteers raffle baskets, sponsorships, and funding.

142. Family environment.

143. We can receive your payroll checks and recurring federal payments automatically so you don’t have to run to the bank to deposit.

144. Always do what is best for you.

145. We’re present at over 90 events per year.

146. An onsite IT team to provide quick response to keep our frontline staff running efficiently.

147. Our employees volunteer more than 1,800 hours per year at local events we’re apart of.

148. Free financial literacy curriculum to area high schools.

149. Pop Money gives you the ability to send money to anyone with your phone.

150. Accommodating to our customers banking needs.